Most of the first Togolese immigrants in the state of Virginia came to the cities of Herndon and Sterling with the hope of feeling at home. Those first Togolese immigrants, given their love for football (Soccer), created a team which will embody their love for each other and for the sense of community in 2009. Based on those values, they named the team FRATERNITY FOOTBALL CLUB.

The subsequent years saw the arrivals of several other Togolese immigrants into Herndon and its surrounding towns allowing the team to be a de facto Togolese one. Over time, the team grew and attracted memberships from several countries including Senegal, Benin, Mexico, El Salvador amongst others due to their team spirit and esprit de corps. FRATERNITY FOOTBALL CLUB has participated in several tournaments both in the state of Virginia and across states lines and won quite a few trophies.

At this time, FRATERNITY FOOTBALL CLUB serves as a melting pot and a place for new Togolese immigrants to feel the love of their new adopting country and assimilate into the new realities of the country of Uncle SAM. Most FRATERNITY FOOTBALL CLUB members became founding members of several social groups throughout our community. As any other team, there is still plenty of room for improvement.